Frequently Asked Questions


Please see our list of frequently asked questions below to assist you with your possible purchase. In addition, feel free to contact our sales department via our Contactpage for any additional inquiries such as special pricing for resellers. Thank you.



Can purchasing these services result in my social media account being banned?

No. The methods and strategies used by BuyLike are 100% compliant with all social media platforms. We do not utilize bots, proxies, follow-back links or other techniques that would compromise the validity of your account.

How are you able to get me so many fans, followers, views, etc?

Social Media Marketing = cost effectiveness + massive potential customer reach! BuyLike has built a vast network infrastructure of partners on many social media networks which allows us to broadcast information about your page or profile to literally millions of online users. Doing so places your company in front of tens of thousands of people in your industry or interest group which; in turn, introducing them to your brand and quickly boosts your return on investment.

This method also ensures that only real people are added to your social media accounts.

Do you need my social media account’s password in order to fulfill my order?

No. All we need is the url of your social media account (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and/or YouTube video or account link).

What are my payment options?

We use Paypal to securely handle all order payments. PayPal accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and/or American Express. You do not need a PayPal account to order. If you have any questions regarding payment, please email our sales department.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, BuyLike offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders that are not completed for whatever reason. Such an instance has never occured so you can be confident that this will never be an issue.

What is your order process?

First, you place your order(s) via PayPal. You will then receive an email confirming your order has been submitted and started. Finally, BuyLike will send you an email upon completion within the turnaround time stated within the package ordered. In addition, you may also monitor your account at your own discretion.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, if you would like to purchase our services in bulk, simply email our sales department and we will provide you with a great deal!

I would really love to sell your services to my customers. What can you do for me?

Please contact the sales department with a email explaining your business and we can put you on our Reseller’s list. We will explain it when you contact us. Believe us it will be worth it to resell our services!



Can your company deliver targeted and non-targeted Facebook likes/fans?

Yes, we can deliver targeted and non-targeted Facebook likes/fans. You may order GLOBAL USA targeted likes/fans right off our site. For other countries please contact us and we will give you a quote as to what country you want targeted!

Can I order more than 75,000 likes/fans?

Yes we do but not as a single order. For example, if you wanted a total of 100,000 likes/fans, you would order two packages (25K and 75K Facebook packages).

What are Facebook Subscribers..Are they safe?

Facebook subscribers or followers are for building your fanbase on your personal page. Where you have page likes on business pages you have subscribers on personal pages. We send only real people to your accounts and our methods are completely safe for your account.



Do you need my Twitter password?

No, all we need is the url (aka link) to your Twitter profile if you purchase Retweets, Global Twitter Followers, USE Twitter Followers. We do need your username and password for Targeted Twitter Followers. It’s that simple.

How many new followers can I expect to see daily?

We would estimate 400-800 new followers per day until your order is completed. For targeted Twitter followers it is usuall 20-100 per day

Is my account safe? Is there any risk of getting suspended?

We work within Twitter’s guidelines and there is absolutely no risk of your account getting suspended. We don’t spam, we deliver real active Twitter users right to your page without ever logging into your account. We have tested our method extensively and have completed tons of orders without any accounts getting suspended or banned. Our technique does not utilize the Twitter API therefore using our service is less likely to get you banned than our competitors.

What kind of guarantee do you have for maintaining the number of followers?

We normally see an attrition rate of less than 5%. If you encounter an attrition rate greater than 5% of your order we will happily replace those lost followers at no charge.


Google +1

Can one order be used for more than one website/link?

No, each package can only be used on one website link where you want the +1’s. If you want Google +1’s for more than one link/website, you will need to order multiple packages.

Explain how Google + votes are expedited?

We employ our own discreet ways to deliver valuable google+ ones that is 100% assured. All votes are stable and manually submitted.

What should I hope for?

You can look forward to lots of votes coming in and you will as a result be able to network your business and adds more of credibility to your page. The little service we provide can turn out to be an investment that in the long run will bring you new users but will also help with your search engine ranking. With the new Google Panda update the major search engines now rate the popularity of your website on these votes. It will greatly increase your page rank over time.

Am I going to get rapid results from any package?

You can anticipate votes to begin coming in just about as soon as we begin the drive. The streaming however will be gradual but the flow progressive and unceasing. Each day, new votes will come.



Are you able to increase You Tube Views?

Yes, we are able to increase youtube video views :-]

How many You Tube views can I get per day from using your service?

You will receive anywhere from 1,000 – 25,000+ youtube views per day. It depends on how many orders we have for the day and the amount of views we are adding to your video. One day you may get 3,100 views and the next 15,000+.

Will I get likes, comments and subscribers from using your services?

It’s Possible, You may pick up a few subscribers to your video when you buy youtube views from our service as they are real people watching your video, thus, click subscribe. Some customers have had success with their videos on getting likes as well from only using our “Views” service.

How do you get YouTube views?

It’s a pretty complex process of promotions, but what we do is… sorry can’t tell ya. It’s something called an insider secret… But you’ll love our guaranteed results :-

Do you use proxies or bots to get more views?

Nope, We use the New School method called “Manual Labour” It’s 2012 now and youtube freezes videos at 300 views. This is why you should never use software programs or providers who use proxies or bots to get more youtube views.

I am a YouTube Partner,can I get banned from YouTube or get my account suspended?

Has it happened? NO! But honestly, if anyone says you can’t they are lying. Youtube can suspend any account for any reason. After promoting over 9,782 videos with millions of views no client or customer has reported a banned account or been suspended/banned from youtube while using this service.

I just placed my order, how long will it be before I start to see my You Tube views increase?

If you have just placed the order please wait for one of our staff to respond back to you with your order confirmation. After you receieve your email confirmation it takes anywhere from 12-36 hours to see the views start increasing on your videos.


Frequently Asked Questions