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What is a Twitter Retweet?

Simply put, a retweet is an easy way to get your message seen by thousands of people. The way it works: You tweet something, and all your followers see it. Now, if one of those people retweets the tweet, all their followers see it too. Saleability, anyone?

The problem is, it can take a long long time for this to scale up naturally.
We solve that problem for you with our retweet packages.

Benefits of Twitter Retweets

Retweets are probably one of the most powerful ways of getting your message in front of thousands of people – in no time at all.

Welcome to the world of Social Media Search Engine Optimization.

This is a service that generates a huge buzz and social following for your Twitter Status Update. Our Massive networks has thousands and thousands of unique users all standing by ready to spread the word about your message/site. Some of these user accounts have been established for years so they come with a ton of authority and power. When you put your website or blogs link in your tweet and purchase our retweet packages this will skyrocket your position in all the major search engines as they notice you have thousands of Twitter back links pointing to your site. This greatly improves your SERPS.