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*How do I find my Vine Profile Link?
1. First open the Vine app on your mobile device. Then go to your own profile by selecting “profile” from the top drop down menu.
2. Now, from your profile page, select “Settings”.
3. Now scroll down and Press “Invite via Text”.
4. Finally, copy the link that looks like: Example Vine://user/35643354335333” in the text window. Then close it. (This is your vine app link to your profile)*


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Considering that introducing in January 2013, the six-second video publishing app Vine has actually turneded into one of the most preferred applications in the mobile market. It took simply three months for the app to reach one thousand individuals. In April, Vine was the most downloaded app in the U.S. from the Apple App Store, baseding on Neomobile. All of this taken place prior to Vine was launched for Android in June! Outstanding.

Now Vine boasts 13 thousand users and, despite competitors from Instagram’s new video attributes, the platform appears to be going strong. While it’s real that the average variety of Instagram shares on Twitter has boosted 37 % because the launch of Instagram Video, this is no sign that Vine is losing steam. Recently, on June 7, even more Vines were shared than Instagrams. Currently, 5 Vines are tweeted every second! Since website traffic expecteded to increase, it would certainly valuable to check out the ways individuals are utilizing Vine today.

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