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YouTube videos is by far the fastest growing segment on the internet. When it comes to communicating your message, text articles and pictures just don’t cut it anymore. YouTube is the leader in online video. People across the world watch over 4 million videos per day. For every second that passes, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube. How are you going to make your video stand out in a crowd of millions? You need to increase your video ranking. When you have a high YouTube view count users will be more enticed to watch a popular video and YouTube will show your video much higher in the search results. What will catch the eye of a viewer is the number of views you have. What will keep a viewer watching your video is compelling content. The easiest, fastest way to get your view count up is buying YouTube views. We want to help promote your video. We want to help you make it go VIRAL. BuyLike puts your video in front of 100% REAL people from around the globe, so there is no risk whatsoever about fake views, proxies, bots or anything that would artificially raise your view count. YouTube can see through fake views, and will ban the videos that forged them. But our viewers are real people, and there will never be an issue with your views. Your video is safe with us. We have promoted thousands of YouTube videos and have never had a problem. If you’re a musician trying to be discovered, a marketing manager trying to promote a product or a businessman trying to impress his clients, either way, our service will get you these results way quicker than conventional methods of marketing Youtube videos! All of our video views are aquired through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Another benefit to buying Youtube views with us is that all of our Youtube views have 90 to 100% retention. This means when we are finished with your order you will be able to see that days, months, or years of our video has been watched depending on how long your video is. In short your video is viewed right to the end. Youtube loves this and will rank your video higher in organic search results thus getting more views from people stumbling on your video!